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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to make a fun Testimonial Card

Can you believe it?
Another school year has gone by and my daughter and the rest of her 5-to-6-year-old friends have completed year one!

I volunteered for the fun task of organizing the teacher's and teaching assistant's gift this year,
and what would be better than a testimonial of how good they were,
and who better to give the testimony than the kids themselves!

Now that they were able to write on their own, I got little white cards and gave a pair to every child in the class to take home to write a message to the teacher and her assistant. After collecting the cards back the following week, all that was left for me to do was choose some fun embellishments and put the cards together.

Items used:
1) blank, white 55mm x 90mm card stock
2) yellow A4 sized card stock
3) burlap string
4) E-6000 glue
5) mulberry paper flowers
6) resin embellishments
7) doll buttons
8) pearl embellishments
9) felt embellishments
10) wooden pegs
and....oh yes...a class photograph!

Firstly, try several layouts and pick the most suitable, taking into consideration the number of white cards to place on each page.

Fold the yellow A4 card in half.
Use a hole-puncher to make half-moon holes on the folded edge of each card

(For tips on making consistent sized holes, refer the note at the end of the post)

Glue on the class photo and little card messages.
(I also printed out and attached the names of all the children in order of their positions in the photo).

Begin adding fun embellishments to the

...pearl butterfly bows...

...resin 'bitten into' waffle sandwiches...

...tiny lollipops... chocolates...

...doughnuts... cream...

...doll buttons spelling out the class name...

...felt birds...

...and felt ladybugs...

Once the embellishments are done, tie the folded cards together with burlap string.

Place a pretty wooden peg decorated with mulberry flowers on the string.

Some mulberry paper flowers on the side of the class photo...

...and Voila!
A pretty testimonial and remembrance for the teacher...

Here are more photos of the testimonial cards for the teacher and assistant...

The first page with their names attached, embellished with pearl butterfly bows
The names on the second card...embellished with resin flowers

The following pages are filled with the little card messages from the children

...embellished with resin flowers
...tiny resin lollipops
...bigger resin lollipops
...resin waffles, lollipops and ice cream
...more lollipops (cause the kids sure love to eat them)

...resin doughnuts
...felt birds
...felt ladybugs. and the last page, decorated with doll buttons

And of course...the cards came with some (much needed after spending a year teaching our munchkins) massage vouchers at a local spa... ;-)

How to make consistently sized half-moon holes with a hole puncher:
1. Cut approximately 1" from a spare piece of card, and punch holes in it. 
2. Cut across the same card, slicing of around three quarters of each hole.
3. Place the little card in the hole puncher, ensuring the card is placed straight alongside the back of the inner hole puncher. 
4. This way, the card acts as a makeshift stopper/measuring block when the main card is placed in for punching.

I asked my daughter recently if she could please not grow up so fast.
Her reply was, "I can't help it, Mum."
Three seconds later, "Maybe if I don't eat so much..."
A split second later,  "I mean lunch and dinner...not chocolates or ice cream." :-)